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Are you trying to reach your health and fitness results but your sick of eating bland boring food or do not have time to prepare your meals? Are you looking to make better eating choices based on your activity and energy intake for both summer and winter months? Then fit kitchen may be the perfect way to keep your weight down, reach your physical goals and keep eating your favourite foods that you love with no prep time, cooking or recipes. Here at fit kitchen our mission is to take out the hassle while keeping the costs down that usually come with eating a healthy well balanced diet.

We have combined the industry experience from our award-winning chefs with the latest guides by a team of qualified nutritional experts and fitness programs designed to bring you tasty, light and easy restaurant quality food without the excess calories or carbohydrates from snacks. Our photos/food photography are snapshots of the actual recipe you receive when you order from Fit Kitchen, they may bring out the foodie in you and your family though.

Fit Kitchen's chefs believe in the use of delicious high quality nutrient dense produce that incorporates lean proteins, low glycaemic carbohydrates, good fats, antioxidant rich vegetables and natural herbs and spices combined into easy meal plan categories. Our guides are a fast and friendly way to buy health food in one service without having to go to the market.


All Our Meals Are:

  • 100% fresh & flavorful, cooked from scratch
  • Handmade by our gourmet chefs and professionals
  • Wholesome unprocessed local produce
  • Portion controlled for your goals
  • With the exception of Barley; all our meals are Gluten Free (not barley)
  • Dairy Free, Preservative Free, No MSG or extra Additives
  • Packed in our BPA free vacuum sealed bags with heating information
  • Extensive nutrition info labels so that what you see is what you get
  • Top quality seasonal where possible for the lowest carbon footprint
  • Subject to availability, get your orders in before they are sold out
  • Priced competitively and well worth it for the quality you receive


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Mt. Barker WA Certified Free Range Chicken Breast

Mt Barker chickens are free to do whatever they like wherever they please. Mt Barkers very young chicks have their own food specially designed for tiny tummies. When they’re old enough to wander outside, they are free to eat as much green grass and bugs as they chose, resulting in a superior white meat. Mt Barker also feeds their chickens a blend of grains, proteins, vitamins, minerals and other goodies to keep them healthy. Our Turkey is not processed, it is turkey breast flattened and rolled, the Turkey and Chicken are cooked slowly infusing our amazing in house seasonings.

Mt Barker chicken farms are also approved by the RSPCA with who have very strict organic farming standards for pigs, chickens and turkeys. Meeting these standards ensures the animals are given everything they need to be happy and healthy.

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Grass fed Angus Beef MSA Certifications

Angus Beef was originally developed in the late 1700’s, Angus have always been bred purely for the production of highest quality beef indicated by the smooth, close-grained texture, carnation red colour and finely marbled fat within the lean muscle. Angus is now the dominant breed in the major beef producing countries of the world where stunning beef quality is considered all-important, it is also becoming more affordable too. In Australia Angus is continuing the dominance, winning gold medals in various prestigious beef tasting competitions and carcass competitions across all breeds at the Australian Royal Agricultural Societies Shows. You dont have to eat anything less than this fantastic source of protein.


MSA (Meat Standards Australia) is a tenderness guaranteed program. For reference MSA is a consumer based grading system, which accurately predicts eating quality for individual beef muscles. This program is designed to give consumers a quality assurance. NOTE: All STEAK is cooked medium-rare.


Fresh Grilled Australian Salmon

Salmon is a popular food classified as an oily fish, salmon is considered to be healthy due to the fish’s high protein, high omega-3 fatty acids and high vitamin D content. Our salmon is 100% Australian.



Lime Tuna steak which is a premium fillet, fresh, boneless and skinless for best quality and flavour.



Swordfish serves as an excellent source of protein. Each standard portion (170 grams) provides you with 33.4 grams of protein. This provides 64% of the daily protein requirements for an average 60kg individual, or 46% for an average 82kg individual. Your body uses protein to produce enzymes, transport oxygen and to maintain healthy tissues, including your muscles, hair and skin.


Kangaroo Highlights

The Aussie kangaroo is a lean, mean, fighting machine. These animals are super active and graze on natural foliage, which produces a lean, high quality game perfect for our skillet and your health. It is a terrific source of high quality protein, it is low in fat and contains CLA, which has antioxidant properties and may help reduce body fat in humans. Kangaroo meat is a particularly rich source of iron and zinc and is an important source of several B-group vitamins, namely riboflavin, niacin, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12.
Our KANGAROO is cooked medium rare and also has the Heart Foundation Tick of approval.


Vegetarian Coming Soon

We are currently working on vegan and vegetarian dinner and meal options, watch this space for more...

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